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The Man Behind The Success Of A Leading Ayurvedic Brand – Herbal Hills.

 Blog by Herbal Hills  | 24 Aug 2020

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Today, Mr. Dhiren Dalal, Director Of the Company – Herbal Hills I am going to share my brand success story with you. To begin with, I started off my career in the textile industry and eventually landed up building an herbal ayurvedic products pharma company. Many people asked me how come you had a leap of change from textiles to Ayurveda? There is just no connection between both of them. Well, let me begin and share my journey of success with you: 

In 2005, when I was running my textile business I saw that there was a lot of recession hitting the business due to the cut-throat competition from China. This is when I decided to diversify my business. Since childhood, I have had an interest in cultivation, agriculture, and farming. So, that’s when I chose to pursue my childhood dream. For about a year or so, I did a lot of research, met a lot of consultants, and then finally decided to cultivate something different like not the regular crops or vegetables or fruits but something on the lines of Herbal Cultivation. 

During that period, I saw that times were changing, people were changing their lifestyle and habits. Also, the supplement industry was growing, herbal ayurvedic products was getting popular, and the need for pure ayurvedic herbs was very much in demand. This is when I planned to buy land in Lonavala, under Sahyadri mountain near the bank of the river, and have a purely natural environment.  The idea behind this was to do Organic Cultivation. Thus, we quickly did organic certification of the land and started cultivating our first line of product that is Wheatgrass (Green Food Supplement). 

Once we started rolling out our Wheatgrass powder in the market we started to get phenomenal responses from the end-users. They appreciated our product and said that your product is different from others in the market. That’s when we chose to analyze why our herbal ayurvedic products is different and fortunately we found out that – it is because we are using organic manure that is coming from Indian Breed Gir Cows!  We knew that without organic manure it is not possible to perform organic cultivation and thus this was our secret to produce successful organic wheatgrass powder. The color, the taste & everything was matchless and people appreciated that the most. 

After the success of our Wheatgrass Powder, we began to cultivate Barley Grass and Alfalfa Green Food Supplement. Furthermore, as per market demands, they asked us to produce dried herbs powderssupplements, and capsules. As these products were not possible to produce on the farm so we further did research and decided to start our own processing unit. We set up a processing unit with high tech machinery in Lonavala Industrial Zone. 

This is how in 2005, the journey of Herbal Hills started and we produced our first line of product which is Green Food Supplements. There was no looking back after that. We got a lot of encouragement from the customers and doctors about the quality of our products. As years passed by we started introducing a new range of product lines such as – single herbs supplements & capsules, more than 60 to 70  ayurvedic herbal powders for home remedies, herbal liquid extract shots, medicated cow ghee formulations in capsule form, etc. Like this, by 2020 we almost introduced 9 product categories, more than 300+ products, 3 factories, and more than 150 employees. And this is how the success journey of Herbal Hills will go on for the coming years…

You can view the Success Story of Herbal Hills in our videos. Available in English as well as Hindi on Our Youtube channel.

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