Promotional Material Support

Herbal Hills – Manufacturers of Ayurvedic Products in India provide various Promotional materials tools like Leaflet, Booklet, Videos, and Creative / Lifestyle images.

Digital Promotion - Key of Successful Business

Digital Promotion connects yours Business to the potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication

Multiligual Promotional Material

We provide promotional material in different languages such as English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati, Tamil, Russian for better understanding of the customers

This multilingual generation prefer watching videos over reading big-big texts.

In today’s world, people need information at the tip of their fingers. Manufacturers of ayurvedic products in India trust brands who give them Product information through Images, Videos, and Diagrams and not Just Boarding Texts. People like to see detailed information about the Product, but using Digital Media.

So, If you are selling Ayurvedic or Herbal Supplements Under Your Own Brand Name, Digital Promotion Plays a big role in Brand Building. Herbal hills Manufacturers of ayurvedic products in India Providing Digital Promotional Material, Herbal Hills becomes the No. 1 Trusted Contract Manufacturer in the Indian & International Market

Types of Promotional Material

Herbal Hills Provide to Their Private Label Customers:-

1. Video

We provide a detailed video of each product you choose for Private Labelling or Custome Manufacturing. manufacturers of ayurvedic products in India have our own in-house Video Designing & Content Writing team, which creates eye-catching and informative videos. These videos help your end-consumer to understand your Product better and increase the chances of an Increase in Sales. Each time, We make unique videos for each valuable customer.

2. Leaflet

We provide a short, 1-Page leaflet of Your Product. It includes Brief Benefits of Products, a Catching tagline, Short Description. You can send this to your customer witch each order to help them understand your product better.

3. Booklet

This is a detailed informative book of 2-4 pages. It includes detailed information about the product, such as benefits, Ingredients with their usages, Dosage and direction, and composition. It would a great key to help people understand your product better in a more creative and informative way.

4. Creative / Lifestyle Images

We also provide Lifestyle images for Your Product according to your requirements. Along with Product image, these creatives will offer a sense of the importance of the product. You can send these images on WhatsApp and via mail to increase product awareness. You can also put these images on your own website or the e-commerce site to stand out from the competitors.

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