Label Designing

We create customised product labels with help of the Experienced Label Designing Team

Ayurvedic third party manufacturer / Private Labelling - The Best Way to Grow Business

With continuing innovation, e-commerce potential and consumers’ growing willingness to try new brands, the private label, Label Designing, and licensing are experiencing high growth acceleration.

Label Designing - Most Important Step of Private Labelling

Your Potential Customers will say “YES” to your products, when the packaging grabs their attention and when the product stands out from the crowd. Best Label will help you get more sales and ultimately helps to grow your business

Bring Your Imagination to Reality" with Herbal Hills' Label Designing Team

When you make any Herbal Product from Herbal Hills Under Your Own Name, And a Label Designing Service in the Same Package. We have an experienced in-house Label Designing Team, who thinks out of the box and creates the best Designs for Your Products. These designs give your product a different dimension and increase the success ratio of sales. Herbal Hills one of the leading ayurvedic third party manufacturer in India.

How does Label Designing work?

1. Market & Trend Analysis

Depending on the Product you choose for the Private Labelling our Designing team will do the Market study for related products and brands. Amongst thousands of designing, we finalise a few trendy and most suitable labels that create a great impact on the market in the longer run.

2. Creativity & Layout Designing

After the market study and taking a brief idea of your choices, our designing team uses their experience and creates the most suitable design for your products. We use different graphics, colors-schemes, and visible fonts to grab the attention of end consumers. Our Designers submit their ideas to pick your favorite

3. Content Analysis for Label

After the layout and color scheme are finalised from Your End, the project goes to the R&D and Licensing team. They provide the detailed Composition Dosage & Direction to put on the Label. They also provide the Certificates to put on the Label, which we were approved by the government.

4. Apporval and Finalising

After all this designing, our designing team gives you the final design for checking. If there are no changes, then we seal this Unique design specially for you. We ayurvedic third party manufacturer do not provide the same design to our other customers. Our designs and strictly CUSTOMER-ORIENTED. One Customer-One Design

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