cissus quadrangulares


Asthishrunkhala is commonly known as veldt grape, devil’s backbone, asthisamharaka, or asthisamhara, hadjod, and Miranda. The species is native to tropical Asia, Arabia, and much of Africa. It might be useful in the building and functioning of bones. Cissus Quadrangulares is rich in vitamin C which increases the cells that build bones, increases the absorption of calcium, and also enhances the effect of another vitamin that helps in bone metabolism.

Product 1: Asthishrunkala Powder

Product Key Benefits

Cissus quadrangulares may help to increase bone mineral density and enhances the rate of fracture healing.

Cissus quadrangulares may help to reduces high cholesterol and it's symptoms.

This asthishrunkala powder may help to relieve joint pain and swollen, stiff joints.

This asthishrunkala powder may help to increase digestion.

1. Asthishrunkala Powder

Asthishrunkala Powder – 100 gms

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