Associate Doctor

Herbal Hills: Associate Doctor

Are you an associate doctor looking to optimize patient care and increase your earning potential? Look no further than our state-of-the-art Prescription Module. Developed by our experienced team of doctors over the course of two years, this innovative system offers a wide range of features designed to simplify prescription generation and enhance patient satisfaction.


Effortless Prescription Generation:

Our module enables you to generate prescriptions directly from the system, covering various health problems. With just a few clicks, create accurate and personalized prescriptions tailored to your patient’s specific needs.

Dosha Derivation:

Utilizing our comprehensive 16 Dosha Questionnaire, the module automatically derives the dosha of each patient. This valuable insight allows for more targeted and effective treatment recommendations.

Customization Options:

As a doctor, you have the flexibility to edit system-generated prescriptions according to your patient’s specific health conditions. Fine-tune treatment plans and personalize recommendations for optimal care.

Seamless Prescription Delivery:

Easily forward prescriptions to your patients through email, SMS, or WhatsApp. Provide them with immediate access to crucial treatment information, dosage instructions, and recommended Herbal Hills products.

Direct Product Purchase:

Patients can conveniently purchase recommended products directly from Herbal Hills’ Online Shop. By using the provided prescription, they are entitled to a 10% discount, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective buying experience.

Referral Benefits:

Earn referral fees from every purchase made by your patients. We maintain transparent records, giving you access to evaluate your referral account and maximize your earnings potential.

Extensive Product Range:

Leverage the opportunity to prescribe from a wide selection of over 400 Herbal Hills’ Ayurvedic Products. Tailor your recommendations to your patients’ needs, offering them a comprehensive range of trusted herbal solutions.

Hassle-Free Inventory Management:

Say goodbye to storage space and the hassle of billing and stock maintenance. Herbal Hills takes care of direct product delivery, ensuring that patients receive their goods conveniently at their doorsteps.

Zero Financial Investment:

With our Prescription Module, you won’t need to invest in stocking medicines. Enjoy the benefits of prescribing a diverse range of Herbal Hills’ Ayurvedic Products without any financial burden.

    We offer a range of support to ensure a smooth experience for our associate doctors:

    Free Demo:

    Experience the power of our Prescription Module with a personalized in-person or video call demo.

    Transparent Referral Fee Tracking:

    We maintain 100% transparency, allowing you to evaluate and track your referral account effortlessly.

    Technical Support:

    Our dedicated team is available to provide ongoing technical assistance throughout the process.

    Loyalty Benefits:

    Enjoy regular loyalty benefits as a token of appreciation for your long-term association with Herbal Hills.

    Contact our Sales Team today to schedule your free demo and unlock the potential of our Prescription Module. Streamline your patient care, boost your earning potential, and forge a successful partnership with Herbal Hills.