Hair Care

Hair Care

Hair is the most important feature of our personality. Hair helath can be caused by various external factors such as dirt, pollution, harsh sunrays, etc. Your diet and what you eat also creates hudge impact on your hair health and it contains 50% weightage towards hair health.
Thus, we have combined time-tested hair care herbs in an appropriate proportion to create a unique herbal formulation that acts as one of the best Ayurvedic Hair Care Supplements.


Product 1: Ayurvedic Hair Care Supplement – KESHOVEDIC TABLET

Product Key Benefits

May help you from get rid of dandruff and dry scalps.

Enhances healthy hair growth.

Controls premature greying of hair.

Helps in strenghtening your hair root.

Prevents hair loss.


Each Tablet Contains:

Amlaki Ghana – Emblica Officinalis – 135 mg
Mandukparnee Ghana – Centella Asiatica – 135 mg
Bhrungraj Ghana – Eclipta Alba – 135 mg
Kumari Swaras – Aloe Indica – 75 mg
Methi Powder – Trigonella Foenum-graecum – 70 mg
Croscarmellose Sodium – qs
Magnesium Stearate – qs
Silicon Dioxide – qs
Sodium Bicarbonate – qs
Pvpk – qs
Polyvinyl Alcohol (clear Coat) – qs
Bhavana Dravya :
1) Bhrungraj Kadha – Eclipta Alba – qs

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