Blood Purification

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Blood Purification

Ayurvedic medicine for blood purification – In a healthy person, the liver, kidney, and lungs are responsible to cleanse and detoxify the blood. Due to our hectic lifestyle, Also our body collects various impurities and to cleanse them we need supplements. So, It has been known that Neem, Aloe vera, Triphala, Manjishtha, and Punarnava are great herbs to cleanse the system. Accordingly We have researched the medicinal properties of these herbs and combined them in the right proportion to offer Ayurvedic Blood Purifier Syrup and Ayurvedic medicine for blood purification.

Product 1: Ayurvedic Blood Purifier Syrup - Hemohills Syrup

Product Key Benefits

Ayurvedic blood purifier helps in blood cleanse and aids in the elimination of toxins.

Blood purifier Ayurvedic syrup helps to increase red blood cells and treats anemia.

Ayurvedic blood purifier, Purifies the blood, due to it's strong detoxifying property.

Direction & Dosage

Take 15ml shots twice daily – before breakfast & before dinner.


Each 15 ml Syrup Contains:

- Manjishtha - 75 mg
- Neem - Azadirachta Indica - 75 mg
- Aloe Juice - Aloe Barbadensis - 750 mg
- Triphala - Generic Preparation - 600 mg
- Haridra - Curcuma Longa - 300 mg
- Guduchi - Tinospora Cordifolia - 450 mg
- Xanthan Gum - 105 mg
- Flavour - Pineapple - 75 mg
- Water - qs
- Citric Acid - 18 mg
- Sorbitol - 2250 mg
- Sodium Benzoate - 30 mg

    Product 2: Ayurvedic Medicine for Blood Purifier - HEMOVEDIC TABLET

    Product Key Benefits

    Ayurvedic medicine for blood purifier helps to manage skin diseases by purifying blood and reducing toxins and enhances skin complextion.

    This ayurvedic medicine for blood purifier, contains strong blood purifying properties.

    May help in blood purification ,cools & detoxify blood.

    Ayurveda blood purifier helps in cleansing blood, detoxifying kidneys and liver.

    This ayurveda blood purifier will Increase production of blood cells and Hemoglobin and treats anemia.

    Direction & Dosage

    Take one capsule twice daily or as directed by the physician


    Each 550 Mg Tablet Contains:

    Manjishtha Extract - Rubia Cordifolia - 100 mg
    Sariva Extract - Hemidesmus Indicus - 100 mg
    Punarnava Extract - Boerhaavia Diffusa - 50 mg
    Triphala - Generic Preparation - 50 mg
    Methi Extract - Trihgonella Foenum Graecum - 50 mg
    Balharde - Terminalia Chebula - 100 mg
    Neem Extract - Azadirachta Indica - 50 mg
    Kumari Extract - Aloe Barbadensis - 50 mg
    Croscarmellose Sodium - qs
    Magnesium Stearate - qs
    Silicon Dioxide - qs
    Sodium Bicarbonate - qs
    Pvpk - qs
    Polyvinyl Alcohol (clear Coat) - qs

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