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FAQ’s by Herbal Hills

 Blog by Herbal Hills  | 24 Aug 2022

What is Herbal Hills, and who is behind the company?

Herbal Hills is a leading manufacturer of Private Label Ayurvedic Products in India.
The company was founded by Dhiren Dalal, a passionate advocate of Ayurveda, 15 years ago.
Under his leadership, Herbal Hills has grown into one of India’s prominent Ayurvedic product manufacturers.

Why should I consider Private Labeling in Ayurveda?

Private Labeling in Ayurveda offers numerous benefits.
The Ayurveda industry is projected to grow at 15 – 20% for the next 15 years, making it a lucrative market.
Private labeling allows you to launch your brand in this thriving industry, build brand value, and potentially enjoy significant market share.

What makes Herbal Hills a top choice for Private Label Herbal Products?

Herbal Hills is a top choice for Private Label Ayurvedic Products in India due to its extensive experience and expertise.
The company offers a wide range of services tailored to different customer categories, including Ayurvedic Doctors, Retailers, Online Sellers, MLM & Direct Selling companies, Merchant Exporters, and International Importers of Ayurvedic & Herbal Products.

How extensive is Herbal Hills' product catalog for Private Labeling?

Herbal Hills offers over 400 products available for Private Labeling and White Labeling. This diverse range allows you to choose products that align with your brand’s focus and customer preferences.

Where does Herbal Hills distribute its Private Label products?

Herbal Hills’ Private Label Ayurvedic Products are distributed to more than 30 countries worldwide. Whether you’re targeting local or international markets, Herbal Hills has the expertise and reach to support your distribution needs.

What sets Herbal Hills apart from other Ayurvedic product manufacturers?

Herbal Hills boasts over 15 years of experience and a commitment to 100% natural ingredients to enhance product efficacy. The company’s ability to develop product lines tailored to specific customer categories, such as Ayurvedic Doctors, Retailers, Online Sellers, and more, makes it a preferred choice.

Can Herbal Hills assist with custom formulations and clinical trials?

Yes, Herbal Hills offers support for custom formulations, including clinical trials.
Whether you are an Ayurvedic Doctor or an Online Seller, Herbal Hills can develop unique formulations to meet your specific requirements.

How can I get a quote for Private Labeling with Herbal Hills?

To get a quote for Private Label Ayurvedic Products, you can reach out to Herbal Hills directly through their website or contact their dedicated team.
They will guide you through the process and provide the necessary information.

Can Herbal Hills assist with market analysis for specific countries or regions?

Yes, Herbal Hills has experience exporting products to more than 40 countries.
They can provide insights into which products are suitable for different markets, including the US, UK, Europe, Africa, and more.

What types of products are available for MLM & Direct Selling companies?

Herbal Hills offers a product line specifically designed for MLM & Direct Selling companies.
This includes Personal Care Products, General Nutritional Products like Joint Care, Hair Care, Skin Care, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Immunity, and Sugar Management.