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The Bond Between Herbal Hills & Multi level Marketing Business.

 Blog by Herbal Hills  | 3 Sep 2020

The Bond Between Herbal Hills & Multi level Marketing Business.

Interested in Multi-level-marketing Business?

Are you looking for Ayurvedic Product Supplier Organisation for Multi level marketing business? Looking for top network marketing companies? Confused between Tradition Marketing & MLM? Worried about the profit margin in the MLM business?

All these questions have just one solution!! Herbal Hills!!!

Herbal Hills: One of the Trusted Manufacturers of Herbal Ayurvedic Supplements

Herbal Hills is one of the leading brands, which manufactures 350+ Ayurvedic herbal supplements. All these products are Government certified to assure optimum safety and purity. These wide ranges of products work magically on various health problems ranging from skincare, weight management, joint care, memory health, immunity, and healthy sugar management.

We follow traditional cultivation to keep the nutritional values of herbs intact. With optimum benefits and surety of purity, all herbal Ayurvedic products of Herbal Hills falls under the bestsellers. Marketing such amazing and beneficial products is quite impressive for a business perspective. And so, Herbal Hills want to spread the benefits of the amazing products directly to the customer to make them pocket friendly. And so, we deal with the MLM service providing companies.

Why Herbal Hills Support MLM Companies?

First, let’s see the basic concept of MLM. So basically, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is one kind of a business strategy in which the main MLM company sales their product directly to the customers/ distributors. These customers eventually become super distributors by assigning more customers/ distributors under them. Here the distributor’s income contains their own margin and percentage of the sales group they recruit under them. In this MLM business model, customers sign up as a distributor to sell products and earn money.

Here is a simple diagram to understand the MLM process.

Difference Between Traditional Marketing and Multi Level Marketing.

Basically, in Network marketing, the supply chain is very shorter than traditional marketing. Here in traditional marketing, the product goes through a long chain including Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailer and then it gets to hand over to the customer.

Whereas in MLM marketing, the goods or any product directly gets sold to the end consumer.  There is also a difference between marketing and advertising strategies and a business model. The advertising cost in traditional marketing is very high compared to network marketing. Advertising cost depends upon the newsletter publication, promotional material printing.

The difference in Marketing Strategy:

In traditional marketing, promotion or marketing is done by social media, marketing agencies, etc. Here they are depending upon the latest trends of the internet and its algorithm. Money is utilized in a higher quantity.

While in Multilevel Marketing, the advertising totally depends upon the customer/ distributors who are working for this chain. The hierarchy spreads the promotion and aware people of the MLM chain. With Mouth-to-mouth promotion, more people join this chain and earn money for themselves and for the main Networking company.

Here, in the MLM, the advertising cost is very low compared to traditional marketing. It also has a great demand in the market.

And so, Herbal Hills, one of the leading manufacturers, shares 300+ Herbal Ayurvedic supplements with Trusted Networking Companies.

If you want proper guidance, please feel free to ask us.

    Final Note:

    According to the studies and research, there are more than 500 MLM companies in India and choosing this field will help you to grow your business along with earning trustworthy distributors for the company.

    Herbal Hills, is one of the leading manufacturers that has a wide range of Herbal Ayurvedic Supplements and is always keen on investing in some brilliant MLM companies.

    So If you are an MLM Company and Searching for a Renowned and Trusted Manufacturing Brand, then Herbal Hills is a One-Stop Solution.

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