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Bone Health

Know the Beauty of Asthishrukala to Support Bone Health.

 Blog by Herbal Hills  | 6 Sep 2020

Bones! These are the most important component of our body. They offer a sturdy frame to our body and give us freedom to move our body the way we want. They not only give a structure to our body but also support the vital organs including the central nervous system. Thus, protecting the bone health is must. In this process of supporting bone health, the herbal supplements play an important role.

Ayurvedic research and modern case studies have been suggested that the Asthishrunkala herb help improve bone health naturally.

What is Asthishrunkala and What are its Benefits?

Asthishrukala is botanically known as Cissus Quadrangularis and its stem is used in the preparation of herbal supplements. Its stem somewhat resembles with human bones and exert various medicinal properties to help support bone health. Asthishrunkala is also known as ‘Hadjod’ in Hindi, which means ‘bonesetter’.

Nutritional Value:  The stem of Asthishrunkala is a rich source of Calcium and also contains Beta carotene, Iridoids, Ascorbic acid, Beta Amyrin, Carotenoids, Carotene etc. for the betterment of bone health.

Medicinal Properties:  This herbal plant contains Immunity booster, Anti-artheritic, Analgesic, Vasodilative, Anodyne, Anti-bacterial, Anti-oxidant, Anti-diarrheal, Calming, Appetizer,Detoxicant etc. properties.

Major Benefits of Asthishrunkala:

  • It increases the strength of our bones and joints and helps to improve joint mobility
  • In traditional medicine and Ayurvedic studies, it was used in healing bone fractures
  • Scientifically proven to be beneficial in treatment of osteoporosis, which is condition where the bones become weak and person is at a high risk of developing fractures even in minor falls
  • Asthishrukala is used to improve bone mineral density
  • It can also be used by athletes in joint pain as it reduces inflammation
  • Asthishrunkala powder also gives relief to injured ligaments and tendons
  • Showcased beneficial effects on Arthritis, Bone Infection, Osteoartheritis etc.

Apart from the helpful effects on the bone health, this Ashtishrukala herb showcase benefits on the other medicinal conditions such as Colic, Obesity, Dental impact, Anorexia, Ascaris, Brain disorders, Diarrhea, Digestive disorders etc.


With all these information of Asthishrunkala, you must have known about its magical effect on the bone health. Everyone out there must have understood the importance of bone health in everyday life.

So! Don’t Delay! Try Natural Ways to Fight Bone Problems and Live a Healthy Life!!!

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