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Women’s Health Management.

Femohills: Herbal Medicated Cow Ghee Formulation for Women’s Health Management.

 Blog by Herbal Hills  | 01 Aug 2020

In today’s busy generation and demanding lifestyles, women are getting arrested with various diseases. When we consider women’s health, pregnancy, menopause and hormonal imbalance takes a higher place and can create havoc in women’s lives.

Why women have a high percentage of getting affected by these health conditions?

  • By following the busy lifestyle and managing household chaos, women’s are more likely to follow heart attack than men.
  • Additionally, the sexually transmitted disease occurs commonly in women and are more severe than men.
  • However, women are more likely to undergo depression, anxiety, and emotional trauma.
  • Moreover, women are more likely to suffer from Urinary tract problems.

Along with these health conditions, women of any age suffer from hormonal imbalance. The symptoms may include fatigue, weight gain, muscle weakness, frequent urination, depression etc. to create some sort of calamity in women’s lives.

Thus, to help relieve these health conditions, Herbal Hills introduces Femohills Soft Capsules to support Women’s health naturally.


  • Femohills Soft Capsules are specially designed to help promote the healthy reproductive system and may maintain the health throughout all stages of woman’s life.
  • Moreover, the herbs in Femohills are selected upon the long-standing traditional use and their effect on the female reproductive system.
  • Femohills is an Ayurvedic combination of Shatavari, Ashoka, Lodhra, Kumari, Dashamool, Yashtimadhu, Mudgaparnee, and Mashparnee.

Medicated Cow Ghee in Femohills Formulation:

Furthermore, all these herbs are mixed with medicated cow ghee, which is a Yogvahi- a catalytic agent and acts as a bioenhancer. It also act as a dosha balancer and directly works on the blood stream to provide efficient and quick results.

How Authentic Herbs Behave in Favor to Promote Women’s Health?


  1. Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) may act as women’s health tonic and has Adaptogenic, Galactogogue, Refreshing, Aphrodisiac and Antioxidant properties.
  2. It may also improve the female hormonal imbalance and may promote the lactation.
  3. Shatavari also nourishes the female reproductive system to promote women’s health.


    1. May support the healthy female reproductive system.
    2. Additionally, with electrolyte balancing property, Ashoka may help promote the healthy reproductive system of females.
    3. Likewise, may help manage the hormonal imbalance, dysmenrrohea, and leucorrhea.


      1. It may act as an Uterian tonic for female.
      2. In addition, the uterian and anti-inflammatory property may support female hormonal balance.
      3. Moreover, it may control menorraghia bleeding and leucorrhea.

        Kumari (Aloe Vera):

        1. May help in healthy digestion and secretion.
        2. It also helps promote a healthy immune system. Thus, keeps various health issues away from women.


        1. Effective combination of 10 Ayurvedic roots to promote expectoration and respiration.
        2. Additionally, it may support the nervous system and to help keep women’s health a priority.


        1. The Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra) helps in promoting the healthy digestion and metabolism.
        2. The good gut always exerts a positive impact on the health, thus this natural Yashtimadhu keeps the women on their feet and full of energy.


        1. The natural Mudgaparnee may help in providing relief for liver disorders.
        2. It also helps reduces the oxidative stress by combating free radicals.
        • It helps keep the inner health good and in turn make women feel lighter and healthier.


        1. It helps to nourish and strengthen the female reproductive organs.
        2. Additionally, it maintains healthy digestive functions and promotes regular metabolism.

        With all these ingredients, Femohills soft capsules maintain women’s health by keeping uterine health normal and by regulating the normal menstrual cycle. Additionally, it may help in maintaining the menstrual flow and nourishes the female reproductive system. Moreover, Femohills also reduces the hormonal imbalance to promote a women’s health naturally.

        Why to Choose Herbal Hills for Femohills?

        • Herbal Hills is the only manufacturer that combines all these herbs with medicated cow ghee to prepare this Innovative formula.
        • Herbal Hills cultivates all these herbs in their own farm at Sahyadri Mountains
        • Additionally, it follows top-notched technologies for Femohills preparation.
        • It also holds various government approved certificates, which includes Halal, ISO, and GMP to maintain the international quality standards.
        • Herbal Hills is the only.
        • Furthermore, Femohills soft capsules come in a palatable form and are free from destructive chemicals to make them easy to consume.

        Keep the Women’s Health at Priority and Try Femohills to Protect It Naturally!

        If you want proper guidance, please feel free to ask us.

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