papaya leaf tablet


Papaya is botanically known as Carica papaya and is mostly consumed in the form of extract. Thus, we have used 500 mg extract to prepare Papaya tablets. It is mainly beneficial for the symptoms related to fever. Papaya Leaf Tablets help reduce inflammation, support skin, and hair health, and manage blood sugar levels. It is often used to promote health in numerous ways.

Product 1: Papaya Tablet

Product Key Benefits

This ayurvedic papaya leaf tablet may reduce the symptoms of Fever.

This ayurvedic papaya leaf tablet may support digestive health.

This papaya tablet may support hair growth.

This papaya tablet helps in managing healthy blood sugar level.

This tablet of papaya leaves known to exert anti-inflammatory properties.

This tablet of papaya leaves may promote healthy skin.

Papaya extract- 500 mg

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